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Administration and Staff

The Centre has an excellent team that will help you through all of your needs.  Here is a short list of whom to contact, depending on the nature of your question:

Administration and Staff

Tamara Trojanowska, Director, director.dramacentre@utoronto.ca, (416-978-7982)

Antje Budde, Associate Director Graduate, gc.graddrama@utoronto.ca (416-978-7983)

T. Nikki Cesare Schoztko, Associate Director Undergraduate, cesare.schotzko@utoronto.ca (416-978-7985)

Tyler Kruspe, Communications Coordinator (Interim)  (416-978-7987)

Samiha Chowdhury, Graduate Administrator, samiha.chowdhury@utoronto.ca (416-978-7980)

Peter Freund, Technical Director Undergraduate, peter.freund@utoronto.ca (416-978-4870)

Suzanne Micallef, Business Officer, suzanne.micallef@utoronto.ca (416-978-7981)

Colleen Osborn, Undergraduate Coordinator, c.osborn@utoronto.ca (416-978-8099)

Paul Stoesser, Technical Director Graduate, stoesser@chass.utoronto.ca (416-978-7995)

Tamara Trojanowska, 416 978 7982 –  Director

Tamara is the Director of the Centre with overall supervision of its programs.  She provides a liaison with upper administration at the university, represents the Centre to all Decanal and Provostial administrators.  She is overall Producer of the season of events planned for the Centre each year, and is Chair of its Theatres Committee.  She has final say over budgets, takes care of the funding for all graduate students, and works closely with the Associate Directors to make certain our students have the positive learning environment they deserve.

Antje Budde, gc.graddrama@utoronto.ca 416 978 7983- Associate Director (Graduate)

Antje is the Associate Director (Graduate), and with Samiha administers all aspects of the graduate program, advising all prospective and registered graduate students how move into and through the program to graduation.  Antje provides mentorship for all MA and PhD students, advising them on course selection, thesis supervisory committees and proposals, and ethics review submissions.  She manages the day-to-day operations of the graduate programs, and provides curriculum oversight.  Antje is the first person to talk with about our graduate programs…after Samiha.

T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko, cesare.schotzko@utoronto.ca – 416-978-7985 – Associate Director (Undergraduate)

Nikki is the Associate Director (Undergraduate) and, with Colleen administers all aspects of the undergraduate program.  Nikki advises students on curriculum and program matters, supervises the senior thesis course, and has oversight of faculty teaching assignments, curriculum and program issues, and the day-to-day operations of our undergraduate programs.  Nikki is the first person to talk with about our undergraduate program…after Colleen.

Tyler Kruspe, dramacentrecommunications.cdtps@utoronto.ca – 416-978-7987 – Communications Coordinator

Tyler handles events, communications, and publicity for the department, including media, website, and social media.

Suzanne Micallef, suzanne.micallef@utoronto.ca – 416 978 7981- Business Officer

Suzanne is the business officer for the Centre, taking care of operating budgets, finances for the department, funding, payroll, grants and tuition. Questions about funding, payroll and other related matters should be directed to the business officer.

Samiha Chowdhury samiha.chowdhury@utoronto.ca 416 978 7980 – Graduate Administrator

Samiha is the Graduate Administrator, and the point of first contact if you are interested in our graduate programs (MA and PhD), if you are a registered MA or PhD student and have any administrative questions, if you are a faculty member from anywhere in the university and need advice about our programs.  Samiha works directly with the Associate Director (Graduate), Antje Budde.

Colleen Osborn, c.osborn@utoronto.ca 416 978 8099 – Undergraduate Coordinator

Colleen is the Undergraduate Coordinator and Counsellor for the Centre.  She is the first person to contact with any questions you have about the undergraduate programs of the Centre.  For anyone interested in majoring in Drama, from high school or first year university, she can give you the history, curriculum and alumni information for the program, and provide you with the advice you need to get into our much-in-demand courses.  For students already in the program, Colleen is the first person to talk with about registration, enrollments, dropping and adding courses, convocation, study abroad, awards…and so much more.  If you are an instructor or faculty member in the program, Colleen is the first contact for questions about the administration of courses, room assignments, registration, and teaching.  She works directly with the Associate Director (Undergraduate), T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko, on all undergraduate curricular matters, and with the Director, Stephen Johnson, on the assignment of Teaching Assistants and overall curriculum review.

Paul J. Stoesser, stoesser@chass.utoronto.ca 416 978 7995- Technical Director (Graduate)

Paul serves as the Technical Director for our Graduate Programs, with oversight of the Robert Gill Theatre, and other venues in the Koffler Student Centre, as well as the Luella Massey Studio Theatre on Glen Morris Street, both well used by our students, by a range of groups at the university, and by outside groups.  Paul provides advice and support to anyone using these venues, and serves also as an instructional support to the MA and PhD students during their program work in the theatres.  Paul has overall jurisdiction for the Gill and the Massey, is the first person to call with questions about its facilities, is the supervising technical support for all rentals in these spaces and all Centre and other productions in these spaces.  Graduate students who want to make use of our spaces as a part of their studies should contact Paul directly; anyone else should contact Rebecca Biason first to talk about availability.

Peter Freund, peter.freund@utoronto.ca 416 978 4870- Technical Director (Undergraduate)

Peter serves as Technical Director for our Undergraduate Programs, with oversight of the Helen Gardiner Phelan Theatre in University College’s Union Building, the Perf, the Leonard Common Room, and  other UC venues that serve as the home for our programs at UC.  Peter is the supervising technical director for all performance in the undergraduate program’s venues, provides as instructional support to the undergraduates for all their work in the theatre, inside and outside of the classroom.  Peter is the first person to call with questions about the performance facilities, and for rentals of the UC venues, for students, for faculty, for staff.  If you want to rent the Phelan, talk with Peter.

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