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Room Bookings

Spaces available for Undergraduate and Graduate Students and Faculty:

Undergraduate Facilities

  • Playhouse – University College Union (200) Accessible
  • Performance Studio (Perf) – University College Union – Accessible
  • Leonard Common Room (LCR) – Morrison Hall (100B)
  • Front and Long Room – University College Union Building Accessible

Graduate Facilities

  • Koffler Rehearsal Room – Koffler Student Services Centre (320) Accessible
  • Robert Gill Theatre – Koffler Student Services Centre (335) Accessible
  • Luella Massey Studio Theatre  – 4 Glen Morris Street

Please note that during the summer months there might be a rental cost associated with the use of these facilities.

Booking Undergraduate Facilities

There are 3 steps to booking rehearsal space.

1) Check if the room you’d like to use is available on the RRS Lite Website;

login: ucguest
password: guest

2) If the room is available when you’d ‘like to use it, request permission to book the space by filling out and submitting the form at the bottom of this page.

3) Once your request is confirmed, you will receive an email notification from RRS Lite; you will also be contacted to arrange a time that you can pick up the room key(s).

Please remember:

You are responsible for the space you booked. Before you leave the room, make sure to close and lock all doors and windows, clean the room, and return all furniture to its original arrangement.

If you are looking to rent a performance space, check here.

Rehearsal Room Reservation Form

In the summer months, please email Peter Freund directly to discuss room use.

Booking Graduate Spaces

  1. Send an email to Rebecca at rebecca.biason@utoronto.ca to request space in either the Koffler Rehearsal Room, Robert Gill Theatre, or Luella Massey Studio Theatre.
  2. Space Bookings are for curricular work/course work only
  3. If you require space for an external group or production, that will constitute a rental fee and will also involve consultation with Graduate Technical Director, Paul Stoesser.


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