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All three Drama Programs (Specialist, Major, Minor) are designed to be flexible so that students can select courses from a range of disciplines that inform the study and practice of theatre. Courses are divided into five groups:
Foundations – Introductory Courses
Group A – Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Group B –  Studio: Acting, Production, Design & Playwriting
Group C Related Courses in Other Departments (Cross-listed)
Other –  Special Topics & Independent Studies

In all Drama courses, class size is limited to ensure that students receive individual attention. Acceptance into studio courses (Group B) is based on an audition and/or interview; many Group B courses require the submission of portfolio materials.

For the course times, locations, and instructors, please see the  2016-17 Drama Courses Fall / Winter Timetable. For full course descriptions, along with detailed requirements regarding required course-work for each program, please see the 2017-18 Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar

Arts and Science Timetable: view schedule, enrolment controls, and spots available.


1st year: 1 FCE from: 
DRM100Y1 Introduction to Acting and Performance

DRM101Y1 Introduction to Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
UNI102Y1 Performing the City

2nd year: 1 FCE from: 
DRM220Y1 Comparative Theatre Histories
DRM230Y1 Concepts of Twentieth-Century Theatre

Group A – Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies

Summer 2017
DRM385Y0  – Art and Politics in China (Application Guidelines, Summer 2017)
DRM386H1  – Theatre Criticism: Writing about the Toronto Fringe Festival (S Term Summer 2017)
DRM398H1 S – Theatre Criticism, Festival Dramaturgy and Globalization in the Digital Age – A cultural-comparative approach Summer Course 2017

DRM331H1 F – Dramaturgy
DRM385H1 F –  Topics: The Police of Performance/ The Performance of Police
DRM386H1 S – Topics: Middle Eastern Theatre and Performance
DRM387H1 F – Topics: Queer Theatre/ Queer Theory
DRM388H1 S – Topics: Performing Freaks and Monsters
DRM485Y1 – Senior Seminar: Thesis- Application Guidelines
DRM487H1 S – Senior Seminar: Documenting Performance
JDC410H1  F-  Art and Politics: Bertolt Brecht, Robert Lepage, Robert Wilson
JIA400H1 Y Interdisciplinary Practice for the Arts
INS341H1 F – North American Indigenous Theatre

Not offered in 2017-18
DRM303H1 – Theories of Acting
DRM342H1 –  The Contemporary Avant-Garde
DRM362H1  S – Theatre and the World
DRM366H1 – Canadian Theatre
DRM488H1 Senior Seminar

Group B – Studio

Acceptance into Studio courses (acting. production, design & playwriting) is based on an audition and/or interview after applying online  by March 10th.  Second round applications for DRM200Y1, DRM228H1 and DRM254Y1 are due August 3rd. See entry points into the program for more information.

Students must apply each year for acceptance into the next level of studio classes.

DRM200Y1 Performance I (entry point; application guidelines)
DRM202H1 – Directing I (entry point; application guidelines)
DRM228H1  Playwriting I (entry point;  application guidelines)
DRM254Y1 Production & Design I: Production (entry point: application guidelines)
DRM300Y1 Performance II (apply online)
DRM302H1 Directing II (application guidelines)
DRM328H1 Playwriting II (application guidelines)
DRM354Y1 Production & Design II: Design  (apply online)
DRM375H1 F – Topics in Studio Practice: Greek Chorus
DRM376H1 S –  Topics in Studio Practice:  Grotowski Intersections 
DRM377H1 F  Topics in Studio Practice: Performing Text
DRM378H1  Topics in Studio Practice: Movement, Improvisation, Creation

CAPSTONES Application Guidelines

DRM400Y1 Advanced Performance: Devised Theatre  (application guidelines)
DRM401H1 Advanced Concepts in Voice
DRM411H1Y Advanced Concepts in Movement
DRM402H1 Advanced Directing (application guidelines)
DRM403Y1 Advanced Performance: Mainstage (application guidelines)
DRM428H1 Advanced Playwriting  (application guidelines – forthcoming)
DRM454Y1 Advanced Production & Design
DRM485Y1 Topics in Drama – Senior Seminar: Thesis  (application guidelines)

Note: Students taking a studio course (Group B) are required to take an academic co-requisite from Foundations or any course from Group A.

Group C – Related Courses in Other Departments

Be sure to check the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar or contact the departments prior to enrolment. Consult the undergraduate drama office for requests to count a Group C course towards a Group A.

Courses in bold are currently offered in 2016/17.

ABS300Y1 Worldviews, Indigenous Knowledges, and Oral Tradition (year)
ABS302H1  Media Representation
ABS341H1 F  North American Indigenous Theatre
CLA382H1 F Tragedy
CLA383H1 S Comedy
ENG220Y1 Y Shakespeare 
ENG330H1 F Early Drama 
ENG331H1 S Drama to 1603
ENG335H1 S Drama 1603-1642
ENG336H1 F/S Topics in Shakespeare
ENG337H1 S Drama, 1660-1800 
ENG340H1 F Modern Drama to World War II 
ENG341H1 S Modern Drama since World War II 
ENG352H1S Canadian Drama 
GER240H1 F German Drama in Translation
GRK351H1 S Greek Comedy 
GRK352H1 F Tragedy I

ITA315Y1 Italian Theatre: Text and Performance
ITA390H1 The Comedia dell’Arte
MUS206H1 F The World of Opera
MUS209H1 F Performing Arts of South Asia
MUS212H1 Performing Arts of the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia
MUS215H1 Performing Arts of East Asia
MUS340H1 20th Century Music Theatre
SLA267H1 F Great Plays in Great Performances
SLA342H1 S Theatricality and Spectacle in the History of Russian Culture: From Jesters to Meyerhold
SLA367H1 S Chekhov
SLA405H1 On the Waves of the Avant-Garde and Beyond: Czech Literature of the 20th Century
SLA406H1 F Curtain Never Falls: Polish Drama and Theatre in Context
SLA475H1 F Modern Czech Drama
VIC304H1 F Praxis and Performance
VIC347H1 Studies in Renaissance Performance

The following courses have been discontinued (still counts as Group C):
EAS233H1, ENG332Y1, ENG333H1, ENG334H1, ENG338Y1, ENG339H1 ENG342H1, FRE372Y0, GER232H1, HUN450H1, ITA409H1, ITA415H1, ITA426H1, JDC400H1, NEW422Y1, SLA337H1, SLA418H1, SLA424H1, SLA476H1, SLA477H1,  SLA1605H1, UNI470H1

Other – Special Topics & Independent Studies

Students must be a third or fourth year Drama Major or Specialist to apply for an independent study. They must approach a permanent Faculty member at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies with a proposal. Should the faculty member agree to supervise, the Independent Study Form must be completed and signed.
See the calendar for a list of eligible Faculty supervisors.

Topics in Drama courses can count towards different Group Requirements depending on the content. It varies year to year. Please check with the Undergraduate Coordinator prior to graduation.

DRM286H1 Introduction to Communication (Summer 2016)
DRM387H1 Topics in Drama
DRM390Y1 Independent Studies in Drama
DRM391H1 Independent Studies in Drama
DRM399Y1 Research Opportunity Program
DRM485Y1 Topics in Drama – Senior Seminar
DRM490Y1 Independent Studies in Drama
DRM491H1 Independent Studies in Drama

Courses Previously Offered that can still be counted towards degree

Group A

DRM264H1 History of Western Theatre from the Renaissance to 1900
DRM310H1 American Theatre History
DRM386H1 F (Summer 2011 and 2012) Topics in Drama: Performance and Research
DRM386H1 S (2012 and 2013) Topics in Drama: Performance and Reality
DRM386H1 (Summer 2007) History of Popular Theatre in Europe: 1600-1900
DRM386H1 Topics in Drama (2012/13: Performance & Reality)
DRM387H1 Staging Gender: The History of Cross-Dressing in Theatre and Performance
DRM388H1 Theories of Acting (now listed under DRM303H1)
DRM488H1 Modern Drama’s Environment (20171)

Group B

DRM201H1  Voice for the Actor I (Not offered in 2017/18)
DRM211H1 Movement for the Actor I (Not offered in 2017/18)
DRM301H1 Concepts of Voice and Movement (Not offered in 2017-18)
DRM311H1 Movement for the Actor II (Not offered in 2017/18)
DRM368H1 Collective Creation
DRM386H1 (Summer 2008 and 2009) Collective Creations
DRM375Y1  Topics in Studio Practice: (Not offered in 2017-18)
DRM486H1 Advanced Playwriting (now listed under DRM428H1)

Group C

EAS233H1; ENG332Y1,ENG333H1, ENG334H1, ENG338Y1, ENG339H1, ENG448H1, ENG455H1; FRE310H1, FRE372Y0; GER232H1, GER340H1; GRK451H1, GRK452H1; HUN450H1; ITA401Y1, ITA409H1, ITA410H1, ITA415H1, ITA426H1; LAT351H1, LAT451H1; JDC400H1; NEW422Y1; SLA337H1, SLA418H1, SLA424H1, SLA476H1, SLA477H1, SLA1605H1; SPA452H1; UNI202H1, UNI470H1; WGS271Y1, WGS463H1

Group D (now counted under Group A)

DRM231H1 Theatre Criticism
DRM386H1 (20091S) Intro to Dramaturgy
DRM386H1 (20099F) Theatre Criticism
DRM431H1 Dramaturgy I
DRM432 Dramaturgy II

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