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Auditions, Interviews and Portfolio Submissions

Undergraduate Drama Centre students are required to apply online for Group B Studio Classes.

Create your student profile and apply online.

There are four entry points into the program.

2018/19 Deadlines to Apply:

Round 1 – March 10th 2018

Entry Points:
DRM202H1, DRM228H1*, DRM254Y1 and DRM200Y1

DRM300Y1,  DRM328H1*, DRM354Y, DRM400Y1, DRM402H1*, DRM403Y1, DRM454Y1 and DRM485H1 (extended to May 10)
*proposals & portfolios can be updated online until April 10th.

Round 2 – August 10th 2018

Entry Points Only:  will be open in May 2018


Round 3 – November 10 2018

Winter (S Term) Courses: will be open in September 2018
DRM302H1, DRM428H1
portfolio submission and/or  an interview

Auditions/Interviews for 2018/19

Register to apply https://drama-apply.chass.utoronto.ca/login

Dates 2018 Time  Location
DRM200Y April 10, 11, 12
 9am  Performance Studio
DRM200Y (2nd round) August 30  9am  Performance Studio
Dates  2018 Time Location 
DRM200Y April 10, 11, 12 10am – 5pm Performance Studio
 2nd round August 30 10am – 5pm Performance Studio
DRM202H April  9 11am -3pm Walden Room
DRM254Y April 11, 12 11am – 3pm Peter’s office (212)
 DRM354Y  April 12 11am – 3pm  John’s office (213)
DRM402H1F April 17 11am – 2pm Walden Room
DRM454Y1 April 17 3pm – 5pm Walden Room  


DRM485Y1 May 15  11am-1pm Walden Room

Performance Studio – main floor of 79 St. George Street

Playhouse Theatre, Peter and John’s office
– second floor of 79 St. George Street

Walden Room – – main floor of 79 St. George Street

LCR – basement of Morrison Hall, 75 St. George Street

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