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Venue Rentals

214 College Street Facilities (Graduate)

(Robert Gill Theatre, Luella Massey Studio, Koffler Rehearsal Space, and Other Facilities)

All inquiries regarding rental and bookings for these spaces should be directed to the following email: stoesser@chass.utoronto.ca

79 St. George Street Facilities (Undergraduate)

(Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse and Other Facilities)

Venue Rentals

The Playhouse is available for rent from late April to late August. For rental information, please contact the technical director, Peter Freund at peter.freund@utoronto.ca

During the summer, all room bookings and space rentals are done through Peter Freund.

Space Bookings for Meetings

Bookings for the Union’s Walden Room, Front and Long can be requested ONLY by instructors and TAs  to Colleen Osborn at c.osborn@utoronto.ca.

Keys can be picked up and returned to Colleen Osborn in room 303 of the Playhouse.

Students cannot use the Walden, Front or Long Rooms for rehearsals.

Information for Booking Rehearsal Space can be found here.

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