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The Centre operates three performance spaces suited to production:

The Robert Gill Theatre in the Koffler Student Centre (170-seat)
The Helen Gardiner Phelan Theatre in the Union Building (120-seat)
The Luella Massey Studio Theatre on Glen Morris Street (up to 90)

We also have three smaller areas suitable for performance:

The Koffler Building Rehearsal Hall
The Performance Studio in the Union Building
The Lower Common Room in Morrison Hall (LCR)

We also have wardrobe and design work spaces; a construction and scene shop; and various storage areas for properties, scenery and costumes.

The Centre has a sizable wardrobe collection created over its decades of production.

Follow the links to find out more about each.

All venues, and all related collections of materials, are maintained first of all for the teaching of students in our programs, and for research by students and core and cross-appointed faculty.

When not used for teaching and research, all venues and costumes are available for rental. Contact stoesser@chass.utoronto.ca for more information.

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