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The Drama Centre is very proud of our undergraduate student and alumni accomplishments. Below are some of our notable alumni. If you are a Drama Centre Alumni and your information has changed or is inaccurate on this site, we would love to hear from you. Also, if you know of a notable alumni who is missing from this list, please let us know. You can email c.osborn@utoronto.ca

 Applications are due on Monday, Feb 10th 2014

Alumni Performance Project:

  • The Drama Centre would like to strengthen the ties with more recent undergraduate alumni who want to establish careers in the professional theatre world as directors, actors, writers, stage designers, dramaturges or managers.
  • The Alumni Performance Project provides an exciting and privileged platform for  Drama Centre alumni to develop and present innovative theatre performance work: collaborative, self-scripted and drama based theatre, performance art, musical theatre, object and puppet theatre, physical theatre, multicultural theatre, intercultural theatre
  •  We strongly encourage projects that are developed by groups of alumni who started to work collaboratively while still students at our program and continue to do so after graduation.
  • The Alumni Performance Project aims at creative interactions between alumni and current students and between our program and the professional theatre world, for example, by sharing their work process with current students both in practical and critical terms – i.e. inviting current students to volunteer for rehearsals and shows, providing talkback discussions for their audiences, giving talks in current academic and practical courses about their work and sharing the experiences they had at our program and after graduation.
  • The Drama Centre will not only provide the needed technical infrastructure and help with promoting the show but will also provide artistic, technical and critical know-how by current instructors who volunteer on the Alumni Performance Project committee regarding acting, directing, designing, writing, dramaturgy, producing, promoting and stage-managing.
  • The Drama Centre takes its responsibilities for both current students and alumni very seriously. We therefore established a committee that will, in the most transparent ways, act both as a jury for incoming proposals and as facilitators for the chosen project.
  • Download the Alumni Performance Project Guidelines and Application Form

Applications are due on Monday, Feb 10th, 2014

The selected show will run September 4th-6th & 11th-13th 2014: Thursday – Saturday .


Notable Alumni

  • Juana Awad – Artist, Filmmaker
  • Lara Azzopardi – Actress, Writer, Producer, Director
  • Melissa Berney – Stage Manager
  • Jeff Blundell – Producer, CTV and The Discovery Channel
  • Lauren Botman – Dora-award winning actor, Published playwright, Christopher Plummer Fellowship Award Recipient/Globe Fellow, Co-Artistic Director of Bound to Create Theatre
  • Christopher Brauer – Faculty of Theatre and Film, University of Winnipeg
  • Daniel Brooks – Playwright, actor, and Dora-award winning Director, Winner of the Prize in Theatre
  • Lidia Cancelliere – Actor, award-winning playwright
  • Alison Carson – Instructor of Dance, Drama and English at Halton Board of Education
  • Diane Cave – Writer, director, Chalmers Award winner
  • Leah Cherniak – Actor, director; Co-founder of Theatre Columbus; instructor at UC Drama
  • Claudio Chiodo – Artistic Director, DoubleSee Productions
  • Helen Donnelly – Actor, instructor and theatrical, therapeutic and circus clown.
  • Julia Donovan – Actor, Stratford Festival
  • Catherin Dunn – Educational co-ordinator of the red light district
  • Mary Dwyer – Director, writer for Macleans
  • Joanna Falck – Literary Manager, Shaw Festival
  • Alex Fallis – Actor and Professor
  • Lina Falomkina – Costume Designer
  • Jacob Gallagher-Ross – Doctoral candidate in dramaturgy/dramatic criticism, Yale School of Drama, theater reviewer for the Village Voice
  • Neta Gordon – Writer and director, Brock University professor
  • Alison Grande – Executive Producer, Owner at Hostdevice
  • Tanya Greve – Equity Stage Manager, Production Co-ordinator of the Afri-Canadian Playwrights Festival
  • Ernie Grunwald – Film and Television Actor
  • Sandra Henderson – Stage Manager; Freelance Theatre Practitioner
  • Simon Houpt – Theatre Critic, Marketing and Advertising Reporter for The Globe and Mail
  • Evert Houston – Actor, Shaw Festival
  • Casey Hudecki – Performer, Fight Instructor and Director
  • Emily Hurson – Actor for Stage, Film and Television
  • Jamie Kastner – Film Director
  • Allen Keng – Actor, Stuntman, Trainer
  • Sallie Klein – Stage Manager
  • Adrienne Kress – Actor, playwright, and director, as well as the author of Alex and the Ironic Gentleman
  • Paul Lee – Film and Stage Actor
  • Jeanne LeSage – Director of Human Resources at the Toronto International Film Festival Group
  • Noam Lior – Dramaturge; instructor at UC Drama
  • Andrea Lundy – Lighting designer/ production manager
  • Bridget MacIntosh – Supervisor, Cultural Services: Special Events at Toronto, former Producer of Toronto Fringe Festival
  • Dawn Matheson – Multimedia Artist and Writer
  • Yanna McIntosh – Principal on TV series Riverdale
  • Laura McLeod – General Manager of Operations, Dancap Productions Inc.
  • Allyson McMackon – Artistic Director, Theatre Rusticle
  • Ryan McVittie – Writer, The Contract and Actor, Pondlife
  • Simon Michellepis – Founder and Artistic Director of Alchemy Theatre
  • Andrew Muia – Writer, Actor, Drama Teacher, founding member of Double See Productions
  • Laura Nanni – Performer, Director, Designer who has worked for Mobilivre (Montreal), Soulpepper and the Stratford Festival
  • Natasha Mytnowych – Artistic Director for Theatre Revolve and Company Theatre Crisis, and Associate Artist at Canadian Stage
  • Adam Nashman – Actor, director, Artistic Director of Bald Ego Theatre
  • Ian OBriain – Set Decorator
  • Kimberley Orton – Playwright; staff writer for the History Channel
    Richard Partington – Actor at Stratford Festival, Shaw Festival, two-time Dora Award nominee
  • Drew Pautz – Writer, Director and Lighting Designer, London, England
  • Rebecca Picherak – Technical Director, Factory Theatre, Toronto
  • Aleksandra Podbereski – Associate Director and Designer
  • Grey Powell – Stage Actor, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and The Admirable Crichton
  • Kimberly Purtell – Dora Award winning Lighting designer Da Da Kamera, Factory Theatre, Volcano
  • Gordon Rand – Dora Award winning Actor, Seven seasons at the Shaw Festival
  • Dani Romain – Assistant Director- George F. Walker plays at Factory Theatre, Writer for This Is Wonderland
  • Nadia Ross – writer, director, performer. Artistic Director for STO Union
  • Tracy Ryan – Actor on stage; principal in TV series Family Passion, lead actor in TV series Nancy Drew
  • Lisa Ryder – Actor on stage, film and television; lead actor in TV series
  • Kim Schraner – Film and Television (based in US)
  • Dr. C Paul Sellors – Lecturer, School of Design and Media Arts Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Andrew Sherbin – Financial Advisor at Edward Jones
  • Krista Sutton – New York actor, Co-Director of Drama Workshop & Co-Producer of Georgian Drama Festival
  • Colin Taylor – Award-winning director and producer in Canada
  • Heidi Taylor – Dramaturg, Playwrights Theatre Centre; Co-AD, Proximity Arts; acting instructor, SFU
  • Marc Tellez – Co-founder, actor for One Reed Theatre, also developer of Intelligent Strength
  • Kristen Thomson – Dora-award winning actor on stage, film, and television
  • Colin Viebrock – Producer, Summerworks
  • Ted Witzel – Co-artistic director of the Red Light District, Director, actor
  • Jennifer Yap – Free-Lance Publicist
  • Helen Yung – Project Manager, The Little Pear Garden Collective

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