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2018-19 Courses

All incoming students and returning students who are still doing coursework are encouraged to set up a meeting with our Associate Director (Graduate), to consult on program requirements and course options.

2018-19 Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies Course Timetable

Required Courses

DRA1011F Traditions of Performance Theory (required for PhD1)
Prof. Nancy Copeland
Fall, Tuesday, 1-4

DRA1012HS 20th Century Theatre and Performance Theory (required for PhD1)
Prof. Tamara Trojanowska
Spring, Monday, 1-4

MA Projects (required for MA)
Prof. VK Preston (Fall) and Prof. Nikki Cesare Schotzko (Spring)
Fall & Spring, Tuesday, 10-1 (this 1.0 FCE course runs from September to April)

DRA5001HF Research Methods  (required for PhD1)
Prof. Xing Fan
Fall, Thursday, 10-1

DRA5002HS Dissertation Proposal (required for PhD2)
Prof. Stephen Johnson
Spring, Monday, 2-4 


DRA3901HF Theatre and Global Ethics
Prof. Barry Freeman
Fall, Monday, 10-12

DRA3902HS Tears and Laughter: Asian Performance, Theories and Practices
Prof. Xing Fan
Spring, Monday, 10-12

DRA3903HS Improvisation: Theory and Practice
Prof.  Domenico Pietropaolo
Spring, Tuesday, 2-4

DRA3904HS Performing Auto/biography
Prof. Nancy Copeland
Spring, Thursday, 10-12

DRA3905HS Embodiments: Critical Dance Studies and Performance Theory
Prof. VK Preston
Spring, Thursday, 1-4

DRA3907HY Collisions and Common Ground: art – technology – performance
Prof. Pia Kleber and David Rokeby
Fall & Spring, Wednesday, 6-9 (this 0.5 FCE course runs from September to April)

SLA1304HF Transgressions: Drama, Theatre, Performance
Prof. Tamara Trojanowska
Fall, Monday, 1-3

Reading and Research Courses

Our departmental policy regarding reading or research courses is the following:
1. Students can take up to one Y or two H reading/research courses during their studies in our program, including previous MA reading/ research courses.
2. Generally, students who take two H reading/research courses should choose different topics for those and change instructors with a new H course. Exceptions can be made on a case to case basis pending approval of the department’s director or associate director. However, this will not happen on a regular basis.

In order to request a reading/research course you need to do the following:
. Write a proposal for such a course
2. Find an instructor who is willing to take you on as a student for such a course on the basis of your proposal
3. Submit your proposal (after revisions by your instructor) along with the filled out form Request for Reading and/or Research Course and a tentative reading list. Make sure, that you and the instructor agree on the number, deadlines and grade value of the course assignments. Make sure that you provide information about the frequency of meetings with your instructor (i.e. bi-weekly 2 hrs, weekly 1 hour, monthly four hrs)
4. Sign the form, get the signatures of your instructor and finally the signature of the associate director (after approval you can be enrolled by our graduate administrator). Always check the School of Graduate Studies deadlines for course enrolment.

DRA4090Y – September to April
DRA4091H – September to December
DRA4092H – January to April
DRA4093H – May to August

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