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Program Information-PhD

Degree Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy

Candidates admitted on the basis of an M.A. in drama or the equivalent are required:

1. to complete 4.0 approved full-course equivalents (in addition to the courses required for the M.A.), with an average standing of at least A-minus. The courses must include DRA1011H: Traditions of Performance Theory; and DRA1012H: Twentieth-Century Theatre and Performance; DRA5001H: Research Methods in Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies and DRA5002H: Dissertation Proposal.

2. to demonstrate reading knowledge of a language other than English by passing an approved language examination. Evidence of prior language study will not, without approval, be taken as satisfying this requirement. Candidates may also be asked to qualify in other program-related languages;

3. to satisfy the Centre’s requirement of performance practice by enrolling in and completing DRA5001H Research Methods in Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies.

4. to pass a written comprehensive examination process based on a prescribed reading list.

5. to complete and receive credit for DRA5002H Dissertation Proposal, during the second year of study. Successful completion of this course will consist of: the choice of thesis supervisor and preparation of a thesis proposal early in the second term; the choice of a thesis committee; and the writing and oral defense of a 20-30 page prospectus and bibliography, by the end of the second year;

6. to submit a Supervisory Assessment Form, based on a meeting of the student and the supervisory committee, held at least once every academic year;

7. to present a thesis on an approved topic embodying the results of original investigation that shall be judged to constitute a significant contribution to knowledge of the field (please consult: http://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/informationfor/students/finup/producingthesis.htm). There can be found information on technical requirements, abstracts, previously copyrighted material, binding, licence to reproduce and distribute, and much else;

8. to pass an oral examination on the subject of the thesis. The goal of the Centre is to graduate students in under five years, though most students take longer than this for a variety of financial and vocational reasons.

Further, more general information on graduate degree programs (including policies, procedures and regulations) may be viewed at: http://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/informationfor/students.htm

Information on Funding


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