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Program Information-Master of Arts

Duration of Study & Degree Requirements

Normally the M.A. program requires one year of full-time study or the part-time equivalent. In some cases, particularly where there is an insufficient concentration of courses in drama at the undergraduate level, candidates may be admitted to a full-time M.A. program two years in length, with additional course requirements. The Centre also may prescribe specific courses in the individual programs of M.A. candidates.

For the one-year Master of Arts, candidates are required:

1. to complete the equivalent of at least four full-year credits of approved graduate seminar courses including DRA5000Y: MA Project.

2. to spend at least one academic year or up to twelve months in full-time study, or the equivalent in part-time work. Note: It is not possible to complete the MA requirements for a convocation in June.

For the two-year Master of Arts, candidates are required:

1. to complete the requirements for the one-year program, plus two additional full-year credits of approved graduate courses (or four H or half courses).

Students taking the Master of Arts part-time:

will complete the degree in two or more years (up to five). To complete in two years (that is, for example, to attend half-time), students would register in at least two (and as many as two and a half) full-credit academic courses (or the equivalent in half courses) per year including DRA 5000Y. Consult the Associate Director, Graduate for further details on alternate completion schemes.

Further, more general information on graduate degree programs (including policies, procedures and regulations) may be viewed at: http://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/informationfor/students.htm

Information on Funding 


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