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Graduate Faculty

A note on graduate supervision:

Full members of the faculty may serve either as primary supervisors of Ph.D. theses or as members of thesis supervisory committees. Although in exceptional circumstances and with approval, Associate Members may serve as primary supervisors, normally they serve in the capacity of members of supervisory committees. All members, both Full and Associate, may (when agreeable) serve as supervisors of (“DRA”) Directed Reading/Theatre Research courses.

More Information on Graduate Supervision:

Types of Graduate Faculty
Advice for students on graduate supervision
The graduate supervision handbook.

Core Drama Centre Faculty

John H. Astington [Acting Director]: European Theatre History, 1450-1700; Shakespearean Production and Staging, 1590-2000; Iconography of Theatre.

Antje Budde: [Associate Director, Graduate]: Experimental Theatre – European and Chinese.

Jill Carter: Indigenous Theatre and Performance

T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko: Performance Art; Experimental Music-Theatre; The Historical and Modern Avant-Garde; Intermedial Performance.

Nancy Copeland: Theatre History, 1660-1800 (English) and 1890-1970 (English and North American); Women in Theatre; History in Performance.

Xing Fan: Asian Theatre and Performance Studies.

Barry Freeman: Canadian Theatre, Globalization, Interculturalism, Ethics, Applied Theatre, Pedagogy and Education.

Stephen Johnson: [Director, on leave July-December 2013]: Performance and Popular Culture (North American/British); History and Historiography; Performance Theory; Theatre and Early Film.

Paula Sperdakos: Women in Canadian Theatre; Theories of Acting.

Tamara Trojanowska: 20th-Century eastern European Drama and Theatre.

Adjunct Faculty

Bruce Barton: [Adjunct] Dramaturgy, Devising, and Intermedial Performance. Affiliation: University of Calgary

Nandi Bhatia (Western University): Theatre and Performance in the historical context of Nationalism and Colonialism.

Mario DiPaolantonio (York University): Aesthetics and Politics.

Alan Filewod (University of Guelph): Canadian Drama and Theatre History.

Darren Gobert: [Adjunct] Modern and Contemporary Drama; Dramatic and Performance Theory/ Affiliation: York U

Andrew Houston (University of Waterloo): Canadian Performance; Site-Specific Performance.

Rob King [Adjunct]: Film Historiography.

Ric Knowles (University of Guelph): Performance Analysis; Canadian Drama and Theatre.

Allana Lindgren (University of Victoria): North American Dance History; Modernism.

Selma Odom (York University): Theatrical Dance.

Kim Solga (Western University): Gender, Sex and the Body in Early Modern and Contemporary Theatre.

David Francis Taylor [Adjunct]: Drama, 1660-1900; eighteenth-century literature; Romanticism; graphic satire; theatre historiography; performance history of Shakespeare; spectatorship. Affiliation: Warwick University.

Mary Jane Warner (York University): Theatrical Dance.

Emeritus/Emerita Faculty

Brian Corman: [Emertius] Theory and History of English Drama, 1660 to 1800.

Anne C. Lancashire: [Emerita] Medieval and Renaissance Theatre History and Drama; Contemporary, Popular American Film.

Jill Levenson: [Emerita] Elizabethan Drama and Dramaturgy; Modern Drama.

Sally-Beth MacLean: [Emerita] Medieval and Renaissance Theatre: Drama & The Built Environment.

Michael J. Sidnell: [Emeritus]  Dramatic Theory; Performance Analysis and Reception.

Leslie Thomson: [Emerita] Renaissance Drama and Modern Drama.

Cross-Appointed Drama Centre Faculty

American Studies:

Elspeth Brown: 20th-Century American cultural history (especially visual and commercial).


Elizabeth Legge: Dada, Surrealism, and contemporary Canadian and British art.

Cinema Studies:

Kay Armatage [Emeritus]: Women Filmmakers of the Silent Era; Documentary Film.

Corinn Columpar: Film Theory; Feminist Film Criticism; Filmmaking Practices and Textual Politics of Various Counter Cinematic Traditions (feminist, queer, aboriginal, “independent”); Corporeality and Representation.

Charlie Keil: Film History and Historiography; Early Cinema; Genres of Film.

Nicholas Sammond: Cinema and Cultural Studies.

Bart Testa [Associate]: Film Genres and Criticism.


Martin Revermann: Ancient Greek Drama.

Comparative Literature:

Linda Hutcheon [Emeritus]: Cultural Studies and Post-Modern Theory; Opera.

Pia Kleber: Performance Theory and Analysis; Brecht.

Jill Ross: Medieval Hispanic Drama; Feminism .

Curriculum Teaching and Learning (OISE):

Kathleen Gallagher: Drama and Theatre Methodologies.

Tara Goldstein: Performed Ethnography; Research-Informed Theatre.

Diaspora and Transnational Studies:

Ato Quayson: Postcolonial and Diasporic Writing; African Drama.


Alan Ackerman: 20th-Century Irish Drama; American Melodrama.

George Elliot Clarke: Canadian Drama.

Michael Cobb: Queer Theory; Critical Race Theory.

Uzoma Esonwanne: Repetition: Theory and Practice in Postcolonial and Diasporic African Literatures.

Jeremy Lopez: Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama.

Andrea Most: American Drama; American Musical Theatre; Jewish & Yiddish Theatre.

Terry F. Robinson [Associate]: Theatre and Drama 1660-1900; Long Eighteenth-Century Acting Theory and Practice; Eighteenth-Century Literature; Romantic-Period Literature; Performance and Visual Culture.

Marjorie Rubright [Associate]: Early Modern Literature and Culture.

Holger Schott Syme: Elizabethan Drama.

Lawrence Switzky [Associate]: Twentieth-Century & Contemporary Drama

Neil ten Kortenaar: African, Caribbean and South Asian Literatures.


Pascal Michelucci: Applied Semiotics.


Angelica Fenner: German Film History; World Cinema.

Stefan Soldovieri: Germanic Cinema and Cinema Studies.


Salvatore Bancheri: Dramatic Theory and Performance; Italian-Canadian Studies.

Konrad Eisenbichler: Renaissance Italian Theatre.

Michael Lettieri: 16th-Century Italian Drama.

Domenico Pietropaolo: Commedia dell’Arte; Dramatic Theory; Dramaturgy and Performance Theory; Music Theatre of Italian Baroque.

Luca Somigli: European Modernism and the Avant-Garde.

Medieval Studies:

David Klausner: Medieval and Tudor Drama.

Matthew Sergi: [Associate] Early English Drama, Dramatic Literature, History of the English Language


Caryl Clark: Contexts of Performance, Historiography and Research Methods.

Mary Ann Parker: Baroque and Classical Opera.


Mark Kingwell: Philosophy of Art and Design.


Veronika Ambros: Czech and Russian Drama and Film.

Tamara Trojanowska: 20th-Century eastern European Drama and Theatre.

Spanish and Portuguese:

Susan Antebi (Associate): Latin American Literature and Culture.

Néstor E.Rodríguez: Latin American Culture.

Stephen Rupp: Spanish Drama of the Golden Age.

Women and Gender Studies:

Dina Georgis [Associate]: Diaspora, Cultural Memory and History; Postcolonialism.


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