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Michael J. Sidnell

Professor emeritus

M.A., Ph.D. (London)

Michael J. Sidnell is a professor emeritus at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies and past director of the Centre (1978-80). He has published and lectured extensively on Irish drama and poetry, as well as on drama and theatre theory, and has served on the editorial boards of a number of journals including Canadian Forum and Modern Drama. His books include Dances of Death: The Group Theatre of London in the Thirties (1984) and a multi-volume Sources of Dramatic Theory, among other distinguished publications. He has also acted in or directed many stage productions at the Hart House Theatre, University of Toronto and elsewhere. He is recipient of the 2018 Canadian Association for Theatre Research / Association canadienne de la recherche théâtrale (CATR/ACRT) Lifetime Achievement Award.

Current Research
The rise of the performative after Nietzsche; Samuel Beckett as playwright and auteur; performance and reception.

Selected publications related to theatre & drama
YEATS’S POETRY AND POETICS. London: Macmillan,1996.
DANCES OF DEATH: The Group Theatre of London in the Thirties. London: Faber and Faber,
Edited Books:
SOURCES OF DRAMATIC THEORY, 2: Voltaire to Hugo, edited by Michael J.Sidnell et al. Cambridge: CUP, 1991. Rpr. pb. 2010.
SOURCES OF DRAMATIC THEORY, 1: Plato to Congreve, edited by Michael J.Sidnell et al. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991. Rpr. pb. 2008.
THE SECRET ROSE, STORIES BY W.B.YEATS: A Variorum Edition, edited by P.L.Marcus, W.Gould and M.J.Sidnell. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1982. 2nd ed. rev. London: Macmillan Press, 1992.
W.B. YEATS: THE COUNTESS CATHLEEN: Manuscript Materials, edited M.J.Sidnell and Wayne K. Chapman. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1999.
DRUID CRAFT: the Writing of the Shadowy Waters: Manuscripts of W.B.Yeats, transcribed, edited and with a commentary by M.J.Sidnell, G.P.Mayhew and D.R.Clark. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1971.

Contributions to books
“Innocence, in a Sense: Self-consciousness in Theatrical Translation,” in Breaking the Language Barrier: proceedings of the twentieth congress of the International Association of Theatre Critics, Canal: Montreal, 2005. Pp.30-39.
“Authorizations of the Performative: Whose Performances of What, and for Whom?,” in The Performance Text, ed. Domenico Pietropaolo. Ottawa: Legas, 1999. Pp. 97-112.
“Auden and the Group Theatre”. In W.H.Auden and Christopher Isherwood: Plays …, ed. Edward Mendelson. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Pp.490-507.
“Another Death of Tragedy: Louis MacNeice’s translation of Agamemnon in the context of his work in the theatre”, in Greek Tragedy and its Legacy: Essays Presented to D. J. Conacher, ed. Martin Cropp et al. Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 1986. Pp.323-336.
“Louis MacNeice” in Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. X,2: Modern British Dramatists, edited Stanley Weintraub. Detroit: Bruccoli Clark, 1982. Pp. 8-12.
“W. H. Auden” in Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. X,1: Modern British Dramatists, edited Stanley Weintraub. Detroit, Bruccoli Clark, 1982. Pp.I, 12-24.
“Beverley Simons”, in Contemporary Playwrights. London: St. James’s Press, 1978).
“The Well of the Saints and the light of this World”, in Sunshine and the Moon’s Delight: a centenary tribute to J.M.Synge, edited S.B.Bushrui. London, 1972. Pp.54-59.
“Hic and Ille: Shaw and Yeats”, in Theatre and Nationalism in Twentieth Century Ireland, edited R. O’Driscoll. Toronto, 1970. Pp.156-78. [Reprinted in part in Modern Irish Drama, ed. John P. Harrington. Norton:NY, 1991.]
“The Seagull”, in The Stratford Scene, 1958-68, edited P. Raby. Toronto, 1968) 222-24.
“Yeats’s First Work for the Stage”, in W.B.Yeats: Centenary Essays, edited D.Maxwell and S.Bushrui. London, 1965. Pp.167-88.

“Beckett’s Discovery of Theatre: Human Wishes, and the dramaturgical contexts of Eleutheria”, South Carolina Review. (Forthcoming 2010).
“Semiotic Arts of Theatre,” Semiotica 168 1-4 (2008),11-43.
“Beckett’s Sacrifice of Archaic Theatre on the Altar of Modernism”, @nalyses: revue de critique et de théorie littéraire, XXe siècle, 2007.
“Aesthetic Prejudice in Modern Drama,” Modern Drama, XLIV, 1(Spring 2001), 16-30.
“The Countess Cathleen as a Study in Theatrical Genre”, South Carolina Review 32, 1 (Fall 1999), 38-50.
“Performing Writing: Inscribing Theatre”, Modern Drama 39:4. (1997), 547-557.
“Yeats’s ‘Written Speech’: Writing, Hearing and Performance”, Yeats Annual 11, edited W. Gould (London: Macmillan, 1995) 3-25.
“Mode narratif et mode dramatique: réflexions à partir de la pièce “le chien” de Jean-Marc Dalpé,” L’Annuaire théatrâl: revue d’histoire et de recherche, 10 (automne 1991) 173-187.
“Adventures in the Culture Trade: the 1991 Stratford Festival,” Journal of Canadian Studies, 26, 4 (Winter 1991-92) 146-158.
“Designers’ Plays and other Texts: the Stratford Festival 1990,” Journal of Canadian Studies, 25, 4 (Winter 1990-91) 129-140.
“Polygraph: somatic truth and an art of presence”, Canadian Theatre Review, 64 (Fall 1990), 45-48.
“Representing Theatre: the Stratford Season 1989″, Journal of Canadian Studies, 24,4 (Winter 1989-90) 109-117.
“Being Classical in North America: the Stratford Season 1988″, Journal of Canadian Studies, 23,4 (Winter 1988-89) 109-117.
“On Dramatic Theory and its History: A Review Essay”, Essays in Theatre, 4,2 (May 1986) 147-159.
“Misalliance: Sex, Socialism and the Collectivist Poet”, Modern Drama, XVII, I (June, 1974) 125-39.
“John Bull’s Other Island: Yeats and Shaw”, Modern Drama, 11 (1968) 245-51.
“Manuscript Versions of Yeats’s The Shadowy Waters”, Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, LXII (1968) 39-57.
“Synge’s Playboy and the Champion of Ulster”, Dalhousie Review, XLV (1965) 51-69.
“A Moniment without a Tombe: the Stratford Festival Theatre”, Essays and Studies of the English Association, ed. W.A.Armstrong (London, 1964) 41-64.
“Manuscript Versions of Yeats’s The Countess Cathleen”, Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, LVI (1962) 79-103.

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