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Barry Freeman

Email: barry.freeman@utoronto.ca
Phone: 416-287-7136
Office hours: By appointment
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Associate Chair in Arts, Culture & Media at UTSC
Associate Professor, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
Program Director, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto Scarborough
Associate Editor, Canadian Theatre Review

Barry Freeman is an Associate Professor and Program Director of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough as well as the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies. His 2017 book Staging Strangers: Theatre and Global Ethics (McGill-Queen’s University Press), draws on ethical philosophy and the sociology of globalization to offer a fresh critique of contemporary theatre in Canada. His 2016 co-edited book In Defence of Theatre: Aesthetic Practices and Social Interventions (University of Toronto Press), assembles essays from nineteen academics, educators and artists from across Canada to address the question: why theatre now? Barry is Associate Editor of Canadian Theatre Review, recently editing issues on the subjects of ‘Alternative Globalizations’, ‘Performing Politicians’, and ‘(Post-)Reality’.

PhD, MA, BA, University of Toronto

Research areas
Canadian Theatre, Globalization, Interculturalism, Ethics, Applied Theatre, Theatre & Education

Selected projects

Current early stage research project: Life is Here: Theatre as a 21st-century Ethical Education.

Also in progress, The Production Listing for Enhanced Diversity and Gender Equity (PLEDGE) Project. www.pledgeproject.ca

PLEDGE aims to improve the number of women playwrights produced in post-secondary theatre programs in Canada. Multiple academic studies conducted over three decades confirm that women are woefully underrepresented in positions of higher creative and administrative influence in Canada (Fraticelli 1982; Burton 2006; MacArthur 2015). These reports point to education—to the places theatre people are trained—as a critical place to begin to correct the imbalance. While achieving a better balance of women produced is the primary aim, the project also hopes to help improve the diversity of voices reflected in settings of theatre education in Canada. In service of this aim, this website provides a new resource that will help educators begin to address the lack of gender equity in post-secondary theatre programs. This fully searchable database includes plays written by Canadian women that suggest a cast size of six or more.

2017 Staging Strangers: Theatre and Global Ethics. McGill-Queen’s University Press. Honourable mention recipient of the 2018 Ann Saddlemyer Award/ Le prix Ann Saddlemyer (Canadian Association for Theatre Research / Association canadienne de la recherche théâtrale (CATR/ACRT))
2016 In Defence of Theatre: Aesthetic Practices and Social Interventions. Co-edited with Kathleen Gallagher. University of Toronto Press.

Select Articles and Book Chapters
2017 “In Need of a Good Story: Understanding Come From Away’s Warm Reception,” Canadian Theatre Review 171.
2016 “Joey Walks the Old Lost Land in Artistic Fraud’s The Colony of Unrequited Dreams.” Canadian Theatre Review 166.
2016+ “Education as Arts Talk? Canada’s National Arts Centre and Praxis Theatre’s SpiderWebShow,” in Education and Theatres: Education, Innovation and Success, Springer Publishing. (Final revisions submitted).
2015+ “Prague’s Studio Ypsilon Theatre in the Tradition of the Czech ‘Liberated Theatre’,” in Alternative Theatres in Eastern Europe. Diana Manole and Vessela Warner, eds. University of Iowa Press (Final revision submitted).
2015 “Rethinking the Virtues and Values,” Canadian Theatre Review 161: 80-82.
2014 “Re-Imagining, Learning, Unlearning,” in Theatre and Learning. Art Babayants and Heather Fitzsimmons-Frey, eds. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015. 162-164.
2014 “Robert Lepage among the Huron-Wendat: an(other) Aboriginal treatment of La Tempête,” in Renaissance Shakespeares: Proceedings of the Ninth World Shakespeare Congress, eds. Martin Prochazka, Michael Dobson, Andreas Hofele and Hanna Scolnicov. Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell UP, 2014. 279-285.
2014 “Applied Theatre and Performance Research in Canada?” Theatre Research in Canada (Forum piece) 35.1: 252-255. (2014).
2013 “Finding a place beyond place in the Rouge Park Project.” (co-authored with Natalie Frijia) Applied Theatre Research 2.1: 49-60.
2012 “The Social Neuroscience of Empathy in the Theatre of Global Ethics.” Performing Ethos: An International Journal of Ethics and Performance 2.1 (Spring 2012): 41-54. (6,500 words)

Select Edited Journal Issues
2017+ Canadian Theatre Review 175 on the theme of “Post-truth”, Co-edited with Matt Jones. To be published Summer 2018.
2016 Canadian Theatre Review 166 on the theme of “Performing Politicians”, Co-edited with Laura Levin. Published Spring 2016.
2014 Canadian Theatre Review 157 on the theme of “Alternative Globalizations” Co-edited with Catherine Graham. Published Jan 2014.
2009 Canadian Theatre Review 140 on the theme of “Audiences” (Fall 2009). Co-edited with Lydia Wilkinson, Michelle MacArthur & Karen Gilodo. Published Sept 2009.

Select Conference Papers, Seminars & Roundtables
2017 “Making Strange: On the Performance Aesthetics of Global Ethics,” Performance Philosophy Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, upcoming: June 2017.
2017 “Applied Theatre in Times of Global Turmoil, Cultural Disorder, and Political Unrest,” a plenary panel at the annual meeting of the Canadian Association for Theatre Research, Toronto, ON. With Kathleen Gallagher and Kirsten Sadeghi-Yekta.
2016 “On the Virtue and Value of Theatre in the New Millennium,” Annual conference of the Council for Ontario Dance and Drama Educators, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. Co-facilitated with Kathleen Gallagher.
2015 “Strange Encounters: Intimacy and Indifference in Participatory Performance,” Annual Conference of the German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English, Barcelona, Spain.
2015 “Dark Threats and White Knights: On the New Melodrama of Globalization,” Canadian Association for Theatre Research, Ottawa, ON, Canada.
2014 “Global Savages,” Colloquium at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada.
2013 “Theatrical and Social Performances in Debajehmujig’s Radically Unstructured ‘Global Savages’,” for the International Conference “In the Balance, Indigineity, Performance and Globalization,” at Royal Holloway, University of London, London, UK.
2013 “The Many Day Talk,” invited participant in a week-long dialogue convened by the Debajehmujig Storytellers, Manitowaning, ON, Canada.
2013 “Theatre and Mentorship for Youth in Canada: Toronto’s Paprika Festival in Context,” Invited Presentation at the Turkish State Theatre’s International Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences, Ankara, Turkey. (*Keynote Presentation)
2013 “Going Far Away: The ‘Journey Narrative’ in the Theatre of Global Ethics in Toronto,” The Viewing of Politics and the Politics of Viewing International Conference on Theatre & Globalization, Thessaloniki, Greece.
2013 “Linking Teaching and Research in Post-Secondary Theatre Environments,” Canadian Association for Theatre Research seminar, Victoria, BC, Canada. With James McKinnon.
2012 “Verbatim Theatre in a Pedagogy of Global Ethics,” (with Natalie Frijia) International Drama-in-Education Research Institute, Limerick, Ireland. (*‘Emerging Scholars’ Keynote Presentation)
2012 “Verbatim Theatre in a Pedagogy of Global Ethics,” (with Natalie Frijia) Canadian Association for Theatre Research, Waterloo, ON, Canada.
2011 “Empathy in the Theatre of Global Ethics: The Good and Bad News from Social & Cultural Neuroscience,” American Society for Theatre Research, Montreal, QC, Canada.
2011 “Lepage among the Huronne-Wendat: an(other) Aboriginal treatment of La Tempête,” World Shakespeare Conference, Prague, Czech Republic.
2010 “Moving Stars and Earth for Water: Ethics and Intercultural Performance at the Final Frontier,” Canadian Association for Theatre Research, Montreal QC, Canada.

Select Conferences & Residencies Convened
2015 “Youth and Revolution,” an artist’s residency with Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu sponsored by the Equity and Diversity in the Arts program in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media, UTSC.
2014 “Rebel Acts: La Pocha Nostra’s Activist Performance Pedagogy,” a SSHRC-funded, one- week artist’s residency with Guillermo Gómez-Peña and the performance group La Pocha Nostra at the Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies, Toronto, ON, Canada. With Shelley Liebembuk and Jimena Ortuzar.

Select Additional Professional Engagements
2017 Pre-Show Talk about Robert Lepage’s 887 and post-show interview at Canstage Theatre, Toronto, ON, Canada.
2016 Afternoon lecture about Fabrizio Filippo’s The Summoned at Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, ON, Canada.
2016 Pre-Show Talk about Phillip Lohle’s Das Ding at Canstage Theatre, Toronto, ON, Canada.
2016 Pre-Show Talk about Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler at Canstage Theatre, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Ph.D Dissertation
Toward a Postmodern Ethnography of Intercultural Theatre: A Case-Study of the Prague- Toronto-Manitoulin Theatre Project
Supervisor: Kathleen Gallagher, Canada Research Chair and Professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

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