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Sallie Lyons

Contact: s.lyons@utoronto.ca

Biography: Sallie Lyons is a teacher, movement coach and choreographer. She danced and choreographed in the pioneering companies of Judy Jarvis and T.I.D.E. (Toronto Independent Dance Enterprise) and choreographed numerous seminal works by composer R.Murray Schaffer. She has coached various Toronto productions at Factory Theatre, Alumni Theatre, the Canadian Childrens’ Opera Chorus and Mixed Company.

Although retired from dancing she occasionally performs at music and dance festivals with artists such as Maxine Hepner’s Across Oceans, Kaeja’d’dance and Viv Moore. Most recently she has been involved in remounting and performing Judy Jarvis’ Clouds as part of a presentation called Threads of Influence: Dance in the ‘70s and its Influence on Theatre and Theatre Training.

She has guest taught for York University’s Theatre Program , the Centre for Indigenous Theatre, Equity Showcase, and Players’ Academy.

She is a certified yoga instructor (Ester Myers) and spent 4 months at the Yasodhara Ashram near Nelson BC and is certified in the Rada form of Hatha Yoga. She is a member of the Embodied Practice Guild (Judith Koltai), has worked with the SITI company of New York and Saratoga springs and is certified in Levels I & ll (Professor) of the Margolis Method of physical actor training.

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