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Donations to the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends, the Drama Centre has been able to offer scholarships, produce innovative new work, send our artists and scholars to conferences and other major events, buy new equipment, host major conferences, and keep our ticket prices for the public quite low.

We deeply value the support of members of our community.


Why Donate?

The study of theatre, despite its academic home in the arts and humanities, has many things in common with the hard sciences. For our students and faculty to excel, we need specialized facilities like theatres, workshops, and rehearsal spaces, along with cutting edge lighting, sound, shop and projection equipment. These facilities and technologies are the laboratories where theatre students learn their craft, where scholars test their theories, and where theatrical innovation takes place. While we are fortunate to have access to several facilities, your support helps us with equipment upgrades in order to ensure that we are working at an industry standard.

Our students and faculty are leaders in their disciplines, highly regarded scholars and practitioners who present their work across the country and internationally. Recent graduates and current students and faculty have been recipients of local and national awards, they have had their ideas published in prestigious journals or as books, and their their work is broadly celebrated. And yet, much of this work depends on the long hours and initiative of an individual who raises and funds their own endeavours. While a certain amount of struggle is to be expected, without institutional support this process is profoundly challenging.

What Does My Contribution Support?

You can direct your contribution, regardless of the size, to support whatever suits you. Although all donations must be made through the above link, you can speak directly with the Centre’s Director in order to specify your wishes. We encourage you to write to the Centre’s Director, Stephen Johnson, to discuss options.

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