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You are encouraged to seek out the courses that best complement your learning needs. It is a good idea to start close to home with the classes being offered by the Centre. See the link below for a list of courses offered this academic year.

2017-18 Graduate Courses

Your next step are the cross-listed courses; these are classes taught in other programs that directly relate to the study of theatre, drama and performance.

2017-18 Cross-Listed Graduate Courses

You can, of course, seek out courses that are not listed here. Speak with the the Associate Graduate Director about classes that are of interest which go beyond the usual suspects listed above.

Finally, you might like to take a look at courses that were previously offered at the Centre; you will get an idea for the breadth of content that is taught here and learn something about the research interests of faculty.

Previous Drama Centre Courses

Of course, as you plan your trajectory through your program, it is advised that you speak with the Associate Graduate Director for counsel on navigating your degree.

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