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Community Assistance Participation (CAP) Hours

CAP is intended to provide students with opportunities to participate in the operation and activities of the Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies (Drama Centre). This participation is part of the curriculum and allows the Drama Centre and its students to organize a wide range of events and activities to complement the basic curriculum as well as to support curricular activities, events, and performances.

CAP hours also expose students to skills and services that expand their experience within theatre processes and methods and build a strong sense of community. Typical CAP hours include helping with our productions, assisting in their publicity of the Drama Centre’s productions and activities, and improving and maintaining the Centre’s facilities and equipment.

CAP FAQ                           CAP CALLS            CAP COMPLETION FORM

CAP FAQ (Downloadable PDF)

Who needs to do CAP?
Students enrolled in the following practical courses*:
Full Year Studio Courses (8 hours)
DRM 200Y
DRM 300Y
DRM 400Y
DRM 403Y

Half-Year Studio Courses (4 hours)
DRM 202H1 S
DRM 228H1 F
DRM 302H1 S
DRM 328H1 F
DRM 402H1 F
DRM 428H1 S

*Students also enrolled in DRM254Y, DRM354Y or DRM454Y are not required to complete CAP hours. These exceptions stand as long students in these three courses maintain good academic standing and adequate participation in those courses.

How many hours do I need?

4 hours per semester. No student will be required to complete more than 8 hours of CAP regardless of taking more than one practical course.

Does CAP effect my mark?
4 hours of CAP must be completed per term. Failure to do so will mean a loss of up to 5% off the overall end-of-year mark.

What are some possible CAP opportunities?
See CAP Call Examples

How do we find out about CAP Calls?
Leslie Durward will send out regular emails to students needing CAP and posting it on the Student (only) Facebook group. Leslie is also available for office hours from 10am-12pm every Monday in the student office.

What if I cannot make it to my CAP call?
If you are unable to attend a CAP call, please email Leslie Durward at leslie.durward@mail.utoronto.ca at least 24 hours in advance. If you must cancel less than 24 hours before your CAP call, find a friend to take over your CAP shift. Email Leslie with their name, and the CAP call in which they are taking your place.  You will not receive hours for missed CAP calls.

Please note: you may do all the required CAP hours, but if you have repeated no-shows, this information will be passed along to your studio course instructor.

How do I know how many hours I have left?
An email will be sent out in November and March to remind students how many hours they’ve completed, and how many they have to fill. If you have an urgent inquiry, please email Leslie at leslie.durward@mail.utoronto.ca.

Do I need to track my own hours?
Yes. Before your CAP call, you may receive an email reminder, but it is ultimately your responsibility to remember what you have signed up for and who your supervisor is. If you do not know where and when to meet for your call, you should contact the supervisor ahead of time for that information. Let the supervisor for the call know that you’ve arrived, and await further instruction.

Once you have finished the CALL make sure the supervisor signs your CAP Completion Form. Within two weeks your CAP record should be updated.

Following a CAP Call, how do I submit my hours?
Students must pick up a blank CAP Call Completion Form outside of the Student Office (2nd Floor of the Playhouse) BEFORE, OR DIRECTLY FOLLOWING YOUR CAP CALL. Fill it out, have it signed by the supervisor of the call once you finish, and then place it in the ‘CAP Completed’ folder outside the student office.

Submitting a signed and completed CAP Call form is the only way to have your hours tracked.

What if I cannot find a CAP Completion Form?
If there are no blank forms, notify Leslie or download your own to print here.

Who can supervise a CAP Call (sign-off on the form)?
Any Drama Centre Faculty, TAs, Staff and the Student Administrator (Shannon Kingston).


The following link is a Request Form for you or your TA to complete if you’d like to create a CAP Call (preferably at least 48 hours in advance):


If you have a student volunteering for a CAP call, have them bring you the CAP Completion Form for you to sign off so there is a record of the Call and their hours.

No need to complete the Request Form above if the CALL has already been filled.

If this is an urgent or last minute call, please contact Leslie at leslie.durward@mail.utoronto.ca so we can try to get the call out right away.

See Examples of CAP Calls for instructors & staff can request and supervise.

Leslie Durward Office Hours: Mondays 10am -12pm in the Student Office.

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