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Colloquia and Friday Chat Series

Colloquia and Friday Chat’s are a great way for students and faculty of the Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies, to engage in passionate and lively discussions about Theatre and Performance. It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet new and emerging artists as well as established and recognized playwrights from across Canada and the world.

January Chat

Nicole Lizee 
January 24th 2pm-4pm in the Robert Gill Theatre

Saskatchewan native Nicole Lizee is an award winning composer and musician. She completed her Master’s thesis at McGill University focusing largely on work for large ensembles as well as solo turntablist pieces. These featured turntable techniques fully notated and integrated into a concert music setting. In 2012 her work for piano was selected by the International Society for Contemporary Music to be featured at World Music Days in 2014. She has also been featured in Toronto based Musicworks magazine.



Personal Space and Police Politics with Julia Fawcett and Isabel Stowell-Kaplan

Tuesday March 4th 1:15-2:45pm / Seminar Room 330

Join us as Fawcett discusses the dynamics of personal space in Restoration and 18th century London & Stowell-Kaplan explores the particular clothing, posture, and even temperament that the 1830’s Metropolitan Police Force were mandated to adopt and maintain.

April Colloquium

BOOM, BABY, BOOM! with Banuta Rubess and Martin Julien Tuesday April 1st, 2014

1:15pm-2:45pm in the Seminar Room 330

Join us for a colloquium about stretching the boundaries of theatre in style and in content.
The play Boom Baby Boom! constructs an imaginary Toronto in 1959. It is based on the true story of the first hipsters of this city – the “black sheep” Clement Hambourg and the denizens of his jazz club, as they brush up against other marginalized citizens, East European refugees. Banuta Rubess and Martin Julien will show snippets of the original production and discuss the challenges of performance and creation in this early interdisciplinary and intercultural project.

April Chat

Markus Öhrn Friday April 4th, 2014

2:00pm-4:00pm in the Robert Gill Theatre

Markus Öhrn is a Swedish visual artist, born in 1972. He graduated from the Masters of Fine Art program at Konstfack in Stockholm in 2008. Markus works mainly with video installations and his work has been exhibited both in Sweden and internationally. His video installation Magic Bullet was last shown at the Museum of Modern Art Stockholm in 2011 and at Volksbühne Berlin in 2012.

At this month’s chat, Markus will discuss how he brings visual art to the theatre in Conte d’amour, the first theatre performance he has directed, to invent a stage language of evocative words, multiple viewpoints, and live and recorded images.

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