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Congratulations Isabel!

The Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies is proud to announce its newest graduate – Dr. Isabel Stowell-Kaplan – who successfully defended her dissertation entitled They Did the Police in Different Voices: Representations of the Detective on the Victorian Stage.

Dr. Stowell-Kaplan was supervised by Prof. Stephen Johnson. Prof. Lawrence Switzky and Prof. David Taylor served on the supervisory committee and Prof. Nancy Copeland joined the exam committee as internal reader.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Isabel Stowell-Kaplan and her committee on this momentous occasion!


Award Announcement 

Myrto Koumarianos (PhD Year 6) is the recipient of the UTFA Al Miller Memorial Award from the 2017-18 School of Graduate Studies University-Wide Awards competition. The award is valued at $5,000 and made available to one to two recipients annually. The award is given to those who demonstrated leadership related to, or made a significant contribution to, graduate student life, and recognizes academic excellence. Bravo, Myrto!


Candidacy Announcement

Sanja Vodovnik (PhD Year 3) achieved candidacy on November 21, 2017. Her supervisor is Prof. Antje Budde and committee members include Prof. Jacob Gallagher-Ross, and Prof. Tamara Trojanowska. Prof. Stephen Johnson served as chair for the prospectus defence. Sanja’s research interest is in science fiction in drama, theatre and performance studies. Bravo, Sanja!


NoveMartinHuntermber 17, 2017 | We are saddened to announce our friend Martin Hunter’s passing on November 12, 2017. Martin was an extraordinary theatre director, author, philanthropist, and Canadian. He will be deeply missed.

He wrote beautifully about his early life in his book, Young Hunting: A Memoir, where he recalls seeing a production of Cinderella at Margaret Eaton Hall, and he knew he “wanted to be part of that magical world.”

Martin attended Trinity College and was a young protégé of Robert Gill. In 1967 his first produced full-length play Out Flew the Web was presented at Hart House Theatre and won the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for best play.

He served as Artistic Director of Hart House from 1972-78, and was instrumental in the creation of the University of Toronto’s undergraduate drama program in 1973. He believed a good theatre director requires “a good eye, a good ear, a certain amount of intelligence, a lot of sensitivity and flexibility.” (Quote from his book, Still Hunting: A Memoir).

He served as a critic and culture columnist for Toronto Life, The Toronto Star and other publications; wrote profiles for CBC Ideas on Robertson Davies and Sir Wilfred Laurier; wrote several books, including Romancing the Bard: Stratford at Fifty, The Critic collection of short stories, and the Young Hunting, Still Hunting and Done Hunting memoir trilogy; and ran his family’s charitable foundation the KM Hunter Charitable Foundation. He continued to work on the Hart House stage, directing Timothy Findley’s The Stillborn Lover in 2005 and staging his original work The Gentleman Caller, based on the life of Tennessee Williams, in 2011.

In 2013, Martin was awarded the Order of Canada for his lifelong contributions to and involvement in theatre.

I invite you to read more about Martin’s legacy at the University of Toronto on his website and on the Hart House: A Dramatic History website.

Memorial gatherings are taking place on Friday, November 24 (6-8pm) and Saturday, November 25 (3-5pm) at Rosar-Morrison Funeral Home (467 Sherbourne St.). Please visit Martin’s obituary for more details.

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