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Auditions, Interviews and Portfolio Submissions

Undergraduate Drama Centre students are required to apply online for Group B Studio Classes.

Create your student profile and apply online.

There are four entry points into the program.

Students interested in the following 2017/18 courses must apply by: 

March 10 – Entry Points:
 DRM228H1, DRM254Y1 and DRM200Y1 (to schedule an interview/audition) 
April  10 – Progression:   
DRM300Y1, DRM328H1, DRM400Y1, DRM402H1, DRM403Y1 (to schedule an interview/audition), DRM454H1 (interview), DRM485Y1

August 10 – Second Round Entry Points:
DRM228H1, DRM254Y1 and DRM200Y1 (to schedule an interview/audition)

November 10 – Winter (S Term) Courses:
portfolio submission for DRM428H1 and portfolio submission for DRM202H1


Drama Centre Auditions/Interview for 2017/18

All auditions take place in the Performance Studio– located on the main floor of 79 St. George Street. Register to apply https://drama-apply.chass.utoronto.ca/login


Dates 2017 Time  Location
DRM200Y April 11, 12, 13
DRM200Y (2nd round) August 29 & 30  9:00am
Dates  2017 Time Location 
DRM200Y April 11, 12, 13 10am – 5pm Performance Studio
August 29 & 30 10am – 5pm Performance Studio
DRM254Y TBA 1pm – 5pm Walden Room
DRM400Y TBA Letter of interest due TBA
DRM402H1F TBA 10am – 1pm Walden Room – Proposals due TBA
DRM454H1F TBA 1pm – 4pm Walden Room
10am – 1pm
Walden Room – Proposals due TBA

Performance Studio – main floor of 79 St. George Street

Walden Room – – main floor of 79 St. George Street

LCR – basement of Morrison Hall, 75 St. George Street


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